Topps UFC Chrome 2024 - 6-Pack Blaster Box

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2024 Topps Chrome UFC 6-Pack Blaster Box

Experience the excitement of mixed martial arts with the 2024 Topps Chrome UFC 6-Pack Blaster Box! This original factory-sealed collectible card box from Topps' UFC Chrome Retail Series contains 6 packs, each with 4 cards.

Main Features:

  • Includes 3 exclusive Sepia Refractors and 3 Refractor cards per box
  • Each box also contains 3 insert collectible cards
  • Topps Chrome UFC is back, offering a wide selection of autographs, inserts, refractors, and exceptional box hits
  • Complete the entire 200-card Base Set featuring a rainbow of color and tech parallels
  • Look for Chrome autographs in sets like Octagon Legends Autographs, Future Stars Autographs, and Chrome Rookie Autographs

The UFC Debut at Topps

Topps Chrome UFC makes its debut, promising exciting collectible cards for UFC fans worldwide.

Packed with Highlights

Experience a variety of autographs, inserts, refractors, and box hits that reflect the thrilling world of the UFC.

Unique Collectibles

Collect not only cards but also memories and moments from the fights of the top UFC fighters.

Autographs and Parallels

Target Chrome autographs in different sets and collect parallels for an impressive variety.