About us

Who does not love his Hobby 100%? Make the things you live for being your life. Knowledge in Businessdevelopment - Management - Book keeping- Strategy Development- Market Know How and a ton of Passion.

Reasons for a Foundation! Since 1st April 2021 our own Company- YoCardo GmbH.

Who is we?


Christopher is carrying our Trading Card know how. He is responsible for Purchase & Sells.

He is always looking for market needs, partnerships & business development.

He is our guy to contact when you questions regarding our products, if you want to sell or search something or if you want to invest in Trading Cards.

Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning

Favorite Sport: Football

Collecting: Trading Cards


Ferdinand is our IT guy. He organizes our sales channels, social media, shop and marketing.

He is also as rational as possible to pull the plug if the passion for collecting starts being too big.

Contact him if you need assistance with out shop, social media, whatever...

Favorite Team: Crailsheim Merlins

Favorite Athlete: Mike Tyson

Favorite Sport: Boxing

Collecting: Unread messages :)


Marina is the busy bee. She is doing book keeping, sending and storage. She also does contracts, closings and tax declarations...

Contact her if you need assitance regarding shipment, invoices or any other trouble

Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

Favorite Sport: Boxing

Collecting: Books and Pictures