Why Sports Trading Cards Investment?

Alternative Investment!

Money on your bank account giving you interests of 4 % or more - most of us don't know these times anymore. At 0,1 % there is need for alternatives - for us - and many others worldwide- this alternative is Trading Cards.

Trading Cards other than stocks or shares have a material part - it is like a stock and artwork comined- in tradeable condition.

Sport Trading Cards have a extra influencing part which others do not have (f.e. Gaming Cards) - Performance.

While Pikachu is better than Bisasam as long as Nintendo is not deciding otherwise, Sports Card Investment are more tangible. Performance related there is more of comprehensible development.

Wherin to invest?

No limits!

Let's see what we have:

Sealed Boxes

Sealed Packs

Single Cards

Card Series or Sets

Different Sports

Different players, teams or groups of players

Different type of cards

Rookie to G.O.A.T of every Sport

Millions of cominations possible!


  • one Autograph of every G.O.A.T
  • a Seales Box of every Soccer product an Autograph of every Hall of Famer
  • one Card of every member of a championship team with low poulation

What is YoCardo doing for me?

Everything besides consultation

We get you the products you want

For the procurement...

you get a proof of payment and a market comparison. In the most cases we buy up front and you can decide or check if the products fit for you. So if you do not like the products we have to keep them - that is the highest point of pressure you can get - as in the worst case we keep the cards ourselves.

If requested you will get:

Fitting Supplies

Fitting Storage Items

Storage at our facilites


We keep you updated on market value yearly

We can help you reselling your Investment if you decide to go in different directions

Sounds quite laborious and I am bound to YoCardo

like every other company we need to earn some money for our work – we have a one time fee for our services – the fee is different and is related to number of cards, how easy you get them, how many...

The fees are between 2% (10.000 EUR and more) and 5% (less than 1.000 EUR).

The yearly market comparision is free. The storage of your investment would be extra and is related to number of cards, size, worth etc. It is indivdual. We calculate the fees upfront and you always have the option to store the collection yourself, on different location etc.

Further fees apply only when you decide to f.e. sell your collection through us in 10 years, grade your collection through us etc.

We have different service levels for selling your cards. It is important to get the best possible price - therefore you need the best marketplace and know how to sell.

If you decide to store your Investment with YoCardo you can decide otherwise, check your cards live, get them for a show or whatever everytime you want.

Sounds interesting? Investments are not done via order in an online shop -we need contact - a talk, a good feeling. We are 100% convinced you will be caught by our fascination!

Simply contact us!