Doing the Math - Topps Chrome Formula 1 2020 vs. 2021

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Topps Chrome Formula 1 2020 has a 200 card base set- the numbered Purple Refractors are out of 399 in 1:9 Packs what means 718.200 Packs / 39.900 Boxes or 3.325 Cases where produced.

In 2021 it is slightly more complicated. Using the "Lite only" Green Ray Wave Cards we calculate the total for the Lite Version produceed. A base set of 175 card, Green Ray Waves in 1:39 Packs and limited to 99 copies a card, a total number of 496.000 Packs / 31.000 Boxes or 1.940 "LITE Cases" is the result.

With the odds of a numbered parallel available in both types of boxes - Checker Flag Purple - we can get the number of hobby cases produced.

With 199 Purple Checker existing and a 1:30 pack ration while posessing a Baseset of 175 cards a total of 34.825 copies, 10.333 in Lite Boxes (30%) - 24.491 Purple Checker Flags in Hobby Boxes leads to a hobby print run:

For 24.491 Purple Checker Flags copes at the Print run of 1:30 you need to have 734.750 Hobby Packs / 40.819 Boxes / 3.401 Cases.

The total amount of the extremly well liked Variations is not different from last year. The new Checker and Ray Wave filling in nicely between refractors and limited parallels. Overall the Silver/Refractor set is still considered to be rare even with the print run being nearly doubled from last year.

With 2.344 copies of each refractor they are still pretty rare - for example:

Luka Doncic 2018-19 Panini Prizm Silver - a compareable 2018-19 RC in Basketballand a pre corona hype and very good Rookie Year has around 7.000 graded copies with BGS and PSA only (Match 2022) - that suggests a print run of 20.000? Or more?

Compare the prices ? Maybe in one of our next contents!